How to build a Hedgehog Bunker

Now is a good time to build a hedgehog bunker, here's how.

If you have some old building materials lying around, its very easy to do very quickly and at low cost. All you need is some old bricks (approx. 21), a 3ft x 2ft, or 2ft x 2ft (see step 5) paving slab and some sand (optional).

Step 2: Select a secluded area that's in a sheltered spot, ideally in the shade and a location that doesn't get too wet.

Step 2: Clear the area the size of the slab and level the ground.

Step 3: Lay the bricks as shown in the photo, you may want to use some sand to aid the levelling of the bricks. No need to use any mortar.

Step 4: Lay a second course of bricks, overlapping and staggering the first layer. You will need to break one of the bricks into a half brick.

Step 5: Lower the slab onto the bricks, taking care not to move the foundations. You may want to use sand again to level off the slab. If you only have a 2ft x 2ft slab, you will need to provide extra materials, like tiles or slates to provide a roof for the entrance.

Step 6: Add materials like old logs, branches and leaves on and around the bunker to make it more like a natural habitat for invertebrates, which are natural food for hedgehogs. Do make sure the entrance isn't blocked.