Greetings from Wall to Wall Plants! I'm Peter, the proud owner of our thriving nursery and a devoted plantsman with a lifelong connection to the art of gardening.

At Wall to Wall Plants, we believe that every garden tells a unique story, and perennials play a vital role in creating chapters that unfold season after season. My journey in horticulture has been fueled by a desire to offer not just plants, but a curated selection of enduring varieties that thrive in diverse environments.

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Gardening has been woven into the fabric of my existence from a young age, influenced by the green thumbs of both my Dad and Granddad. Their passion for cultivating the land and living off its bounty set the stage for my own journey and our smallholding was a vibrant canvas where fruit and vegetables flourished abundantly. 

Frugality was a way of life for our family in the past. Every resource, every seed, and every cutting held immense value. In a world where being mindful of waste was paramount, we made it a daily practice to gather seeds when ever we could from our own garden. This not only helped us maintain a sustainable garden but also ensured a bountiful harvest for the following year. 

The ethos of sustainable living was a way of life in our family. Nothing went to waste – surplus produce found a purpose through pickling and storing for future use. The fruits of our labour, quite literally, made their way to the local market, where my Grand-Parents operated a small stall. This not only help sustain our family but also connected us with the community, sharing the goodness of homegrown delights. 

Carrying forward this rich legacy Wall to Wall Plants is more than just a nursery—it's a homage to generations of gardening expertise. I take pride in offering a diverse array of plants, each nurtured with care and passion. My commitment extends beyond providing quality plants; it's about fostering a love for gardening and sustainable practices. 

Roots in Wall:

We take pride in our unique connection to the historic Roman village of Wall, from which our business derives its name. Wall was formerly known as Letocetum, a Roman settlement where you can still see the ancient remains of a Roman settlement that served as a crucial military staging post and posting station at the crossroads of Watling Street and Icknield Street.

We are now open for business with more plants being added weekly!