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Salvia Phyllis Fancy

Salvia Phyllis Fancy

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Salvia 'Phyllis' Fancy' is an upright, bushy plant and features aromatic, slender, deeply-veined leaves that are bright to mid-green in colour. The plant produces downy, white tubular flowers with a lavender-blue tint that intensifies over time. These flowers emerge from blue-purple calyces, adding to its long-lasting and striking display.

Salvia 'Phyllis Fancy' hails from the Mediterranean region, making it drought-tolerant and very attractive to pollinators. It thrives in well-drained soil under full sun or partial shade. This perennial plant reaches a mature height and spread of 1.5mtrs and 1.2mtrs respectively. It's considered a half-hardy perennial indicating it may require protection if temperatures drop below -5°C unless it's planted in a sheltered location or kept in a greenhouse over winter.

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